FC2GChem 2018

From 11/28/2018 to 11/30/2018

Shanghai - Chine


The “French-Chinese conference on Green Chemistry, a better chemistry for a better life”, FC2GChem will take place in Shanghai, from November 28 to 30 2018, on the Zhongshan campus of East China Normal University. Organized under the auspices of the French Chemical Society, with the support of French institutions notably the French Embassy in China, and with the contribution of members of the French and the Chinese Academies of Sciences, this FC2GChem conference will gathers more than 100 Chinese and French scientists both from industry and academia, as well as PhD students, in an interdisciplinary environment involving, organic, catalysis, materials, process and theoretical chemists. This conference follows the very successful 2014 event organized in Shanghai and Wuhan and the 2016 one held in Lyon, and other previous meetings organized in Shanghai, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Lyon, and will offer, once more, an exceptionally high-level scientific program honored by the presence of several members of both academies.

The conference will favor the emergence of future partnerships and will be the opportunity to share information on institutional tools aiming at the support of research and education collaborative programs between France and China.

The participation of PhD students will be encouraged. In contact with representatives of French companies, in particular those having research centers located in China, and of the best Chinese and French academic laboratories, they will get useful information for preparing their future post-doctoral and professional cursus.

Chemistry intervenes in all the manufactured goods, products and materials of the everyday life and in the most important fields of our society: energy, construction, transportation, foods, hygiene, health, etc. In the frame of a sustainable development respectful of the environment, such an omnipresence of chemistry in the modern life prompts us to minimizing pollution and hazard of the chemical processes.

This strategy corresponds actually to a profound change of the chemical industry and has created the space, on the academic level, for a novel, transversal discipline, referred to as green chemistry, or sustainable chemistry, or ecodesigned chemistry.


This is indeed the goal of Green Chemistry that looks for innovative chemical processes and products which show lower impact, notably with respect to users and manufacturers safety, life cycle and low toxicity, natural resources preservation, low greenhouse gas emissions. Definitely, green chemistry is a way to a safer, healthier and more comfortable life for all, which necessitate considerable scientific and technologic efforts. This issues are a priority for each of the two countries and also the object of collaborations between France and China.

The goal of the conference is to highlight the strength of the common achievements and catalyze such efforts among French and Chinese researchers. After the 2016 “FC2GChem-Université de Lyon” award given in Lyon to two Chinese young researchers, the 2018 award will be given in Shanghai to two young French researchers who will be invited to present their work during the conference.

The conference will demonstrate that the research and innovation performed in the frame of the in green chemistry principles can provide both societal and economic progress in the next decades, notably through bilateral collaborations and industrial partnerships. The strategy lies in the frame of the research towards novel routes meeting both the goals of the economic development and the sustainable development.

Ming-Yuan He, Buxing Han, Yves Queneau, Laurent Bonneviot, Co-Chairs of FC2GChem 2018